Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ruffle Shade

A few weeks ago I did a total transformation on my living/dining room, and I am in love with how it turned out! (pictures to come.....still have one big project to complete)

I have never been in love with our light over the dining room table....and I have big plans to replace it in time. Until then, I wanted to add some softness to it with shades. I fell in love with a few at Ballard Designs....but couldn't bring myself to spend $20 per shade!!!!!!

I stopped off at the Goodwill...and found 5 shades for $5 total......despite the AWFUL 80's print...I had a vision!

I spray painted them with primer, and then just a flat white. It covered REALLY well, which kind of surprised me.

I made ruffles......and took out my trusty glue gun to add them to the shades. this was a SUPER easy project!

They just make me smile! I don't even feel the need to rush out and buy a new fixture anymore!

I do believe that for about $10 for all five shades.....this project was a total success!!!!!

I have a few more projects that I will be sharing this be on the lookout!



Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Oh my goodness - love this! I would have never thought to spray paint the shades!! I wish I could sew ruffles....I would "sew" do this ;)
Actually, I think I have the same fixture in my dining room! Mine has glass shades that came with it that I want to take off.
Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see the rest of your transformation :)

Campbell Jane said...

Oh I love the ruffles! So sweet. I can't wait to see your final photos!

All That Jazz said...

Nice work~ very creative of you! ;-)
Can't wait to see the makeover!