Thursday, March 10, 2011

TV Console Reveal!!!!!!

I couldn't be more excited with our new TV situation!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased this dresser/console table on craigslist a few weeks ago....for $55....and I seriously feel like I hit the jackpot!!!!!!!

This is the before.....
SOOOO much potential!
I love how the dvd player, and all of the components fit perfectly in the middle section and all of the extra goodies go on the sides....YET IT LOOKS MORE LIKE A DRESSER WITH DRAWERS!!

There was a bit of water damage on the top, and there was a greasy stain all over it! I am pretty sure that the seller tried to make it look nicer and loaded it up with pledge prior to selling.

After stripping stain, two coats of primer, and two coats of paint......I am one seriously happy girl!

I think Chad is just as excited, if not more, than me!

I kept the original hardware because I really did love it.

Our last project is to get a cover to hide the cords...and then paint it the wall color.

I am thrilled that my home is really coming together!
I will be posting a tutorial on how I stripped the stain and layers of pledge tomorrow!



Yvette said...

It's BEYOND gorgeous!!!! OMG! I love it!! GREAT JOB!!!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

thank you thank you! i love it too! I feel kind of guilty for getting such a great deal....but oh well. :) ha!