Monday, April 4, 2011

Orange Groves

This weekend we had a beautiful weather!!!!!! After the tornado warnings....flooding....and winds earlier in the week...this was a great way to end the week!

We went with 6 families in hopes of going Strawberry picking! I was super excited about trying out a strawberry pie and making strawberry shortcakes.

BUT.....due to all the rain earlier in the week.....IT FLOODED AND NO MORE STRAWBERRIES.

No big deal....we quickly switched over to all things orange and went orange picking!

Such a fun way for the kids to get out and get excited about eating healthy!

Love this little guy! The oranges were actually really hard to pull they had to work for it!

Spending time outside with these three is the best. Adding a whole load of friends is even better!!!

My workout girl.

Yup....of course you need to taste test them! ***Note to self....bring wet wipes next time. This step is VERY sticky!***

This pull ended in Collin on the ground...holding the orange. ha!

That is a whole lot of kids! They really loved it!
The parents did too!!!!!!!

After we were done picking oranges we headed out to our FAVE Pizza place. I should mention that it is our fave because they let you bring your own wine and beer....and even provide the glasses!!!!!!!

Great day with great food....great wine....great friends.....and great memories!!!!!!!

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