Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Painted Flower Pot Tutorial

I do not have a green thumb....but I love having plants around my home and backyard.
Last year around this time we made painted flower pots for our yard and Kacey's teachers here and the striped pot is still one of my favorites!

This year I took it a little step further.

You will need:
-Plastic Flower pots (I got these super cute colors at Walmart for $1 for the smaller and $2 for the larger pots. They had several other/larger sizes to choose from as well)
-Chalkboard spray paint
-painters tape and newspaper to frame out your chalkboard area
-craft paint

I marked off where I wanted the chalkboard portion to be and then I sprayed them.

My original plan was to leave them just with chalkboard squares...but I didn't set the tape perfectly so I used my craft paint and took it a step further.

I love how they turned out!!!!!!!!!!
Ideas to use the flower pots for...
-easter basket
-flower pot
-birthday gift pail with gloves, shovel, seeds, and dirt
-teacher's appreciation gift
-welcome to the neighborhood gift

I put together a little Easter kit for my niece. I added a bird feeder for her to paint, seed packet, candy, and some other flowering goodies.

This is for me.....with a special message to my new plant.




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Very cute!

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