Saturday, November 12, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Tutorial

I have been really into tutorials this past week, after taking a long break from them. It has been fun to come up with new projects to try!

This is a super easy project that I know my kids will love, and will also make a cute little gift to friends.

Countdown to Christmas Board
-Boards (I bought these at Michaels on Sale for $1!!!!!)
-Craft paint
-Chalk Board Paint
-Painters tape

I wrote the wording freehand, but you could use a stencil if you needed.

TaDa!!!!! I am going to hang this between my kid's bedroom so that they can take turns updating the countdown!

This also reminds me that I am not totally crazy for wanting to decorate my home now for Christmas....I mean 43 days isn't that long!!!!!


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