Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Will I ever decide?

It is no secret that I LOVE having our pictures taken with one of my favorite friends, Maria with Snidershots! She has this rare ability to capture my family in a way that really describes us! I can look back at the pictures she has taken of my family over the past 5 years and truly remember my kids at that stage. I feel So lucky to have her not only as a friend, but as my all time favorite photographer!

I haven't sent out Christmas cards since Collin was born (don't judge), and this year I am getting an early start to make sure that I actually do it!

I have NO idea how on earth I will pick the right picture............because I love ALLLLL of them!

This picture just makes me smile! Chad works sooo hard for our family and I feel like this shows us all giving him some love. :)

love this! how does she come up with this stuff?! I have no clue!

My little man (pics taken the day before he turned 5) knows how to rock a camera! He wanted to wear his green crocks and I was totally okay with it. They aren't my fave choice, but I want to remember what he liked at this stage.

This is so fun!

This guy has been by my side since I was in middle school and I always love seeing pictures of just us! It is kind of rare since we are always behind the lens taking pics of our kids!

My baby girl! I always think she looks like me and people rarely agree......but I will have to carry this picture around with me now to show that we DO look alike! (kind of....maybe a little bit)

My babies!!!!!! This picture makes me smile so big! I am getting a huge one of these and I know that it will make me smile daily when I look at it!

We are VERY blessed!!!!!!!!

Hope you have an amazing day!


Jessica said...

Ahhh your family photos look like they are straight out of a magazine! GORGEOUS!!

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Very gorgeous photos!! I want to do some like these with my family.