Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweatshirt Blanket Tutorial

I absolutely LOVE that my kids are involved in sports, and really enjoy them! Chad and I both were really involved in sports when we were little and both played on travel teams in middle and high school. (I played Soccer and Chad played Baseball) I think it kept us out of a lot of trouble....and I can only hope that my kids remain as excited about sports as they are right now!

I am Collin's coach for the 4th season and the games start in December. I know we live in Florida but it does get really chilly during January and February games! Just trust me!

Kacey has been doing really well this year with soccer and just made the DA (developmental academy) team a few weeks ago! This is really exciting stuff, and includes 2 nights of practice and Friday night games. WOW....THAT'S A LOT OF SOCCER!

I decided to make them each a blanket with their names that we could keep in the soccer bags to snuggle in while they watched each others games. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!

-Martha Stuart Paint. (you can use any brand, I just love her colors)
-1 yard of sweatshirt material per blanket (prewash)
-freezer paper
-tiny scissors or a knife
-sponge brush

I cut out my stencil using a knife onto the freezer paper and ironed it onto my fabric. I had to push really hard to make sure that there were not any gaps.

Used the sponge brush to dab paint onto the stencil

I peeled it off immediately because I used a lot of paint and didn't want it to soak thru the paper.

I am loving how they turned out! I can wash them easily....and they are sure to keep my little soccer players warm this season!