Friday, April 24, 2009

BIG weekend!!!

This weekend we are making the drive down to Anthropology to spend my AMAZING gift card that I won from Kasey at Lola B's recent contest! I am beside myself and still in shock that I won in the first place....and a kidless trip to Anthro with a $200 gift card in my hand makes me SOOOOOOOO excited!!!

I have been online daily and I still do not know what I am walking out of there with....but Promise to keep you posted. I even was inspired to order a few things online to use in my upcoming GIVEAWAY! (no, i didn't use my gift card on those!!! )
I also plan on cleaning out my closet and organizing. You aren't forced to do that when the weather is pretty much the same ALLL year long...but I feel the need to do this prior to my big shopping trip tomorrow. Just to get me in the shopping mood!!!

Also....I have been featured recently on a few other blogs....go check them out and see their AMAZING sites! I am soooo grateful for all of their support!!!!!

Fun and Fancy Free

Life in the Fun Life (having a huge giveaway now....CHECK IT OUT!!!! SUPRISE!!!)

Elevenish Shop


Tara said...

Have FUN! I am so jealous!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

can not wait to see what you get with your AMAZING gift from Kasey!

(and how beautiful your closet is.....that pictures is awesome! aaahahaha, how we wish our closets looked like that! I think that closet is the size of my room. And you all of a sudden look like a Desperate Housewife, which I know you are not!)



nameisgrace said...

wow, how long is your drive to anthro??? we have one 5 min away and i do damage in there waaaay too often. i was in there yesterday and bought so much stuff, and was thinking, gosh i wish i had katies gift card. haha! collin would looove if it were a drive from us hhehe. way to go on all your features! i'm gonna give some shout outs today on my blog starting with you!!! i can't wait to see what you get! xoxoxoox

Evy said...

Oo, hope you have a ton of fun!

the wild raspberry said...

have a great time...hope there are some great sales when you go!