Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovely Day!

The weather is sooo pretty outside today! I am getting my amazing thrift store outfit (wink wink) ready for our 70's roller skating rink party tonight for one of my BFF's birthday party! SOOO FUN! Will DEFINITELY add pictures tomorrow!!!!

I have been SUPER busy making pillow after pillow after pillow and a daily trip to the post office. I decided to make a new little gem to add to my etsy store just in time for the weekend!

I've been tagged by Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things. Love her blog, and esp. her songs on her page. :) So sweet!!!!!
I have no idea how to crop my husband out of this picture, so just cover his face. (it said to post a picture of just me) :) And YES, I have naturally DARK hair, and those are my blue eyed BLOND haired babies. :) I ALWAYS get asked if I am their nanny!!!

I am passing this along to Grace. I am addicted to her site and her burlap, so I might as well pass this along to her. :) LOVE THIS GIRL! So funny, but I basically grew up with her husband, Collin. (no, my son is not named after him, just two cool guys with super cool name!)
Off to get ready for my travel back to 1970 and jam out at the local skate rink!!!


nameisgrace said...

love the pic you posted of ya'll two!!! and i can't believe you did not have blonde hair as a baby. have fun tonight at the roller jam. i'm jealous! So am i supposed to put a pic up of me and then pass it along> xoxxoxoox

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

LOVE the pic of you and your hottie! Such a fun post this was...

ROLLER RINK PARTY! So jealous. Can't wait to see pics of that party, too!

I can't wait to save a few $$ to really shop in your boutique. I'm all out of my *allowance - and need the funds to replenish!!


PS. Britney was awesome. Such a fun show.....!!!! It was so fun sharing this with you!! (I'm leaving her music on my page through the weekend. Monday will be back to normal..I'm still on a "Britney High"!)

Nicole said...

You really need to stop making cute pillows... I'm going to run out of room for all of them. My husband thinks I have a pillow addiction now... !

Allegra said...

So I was driving a long and who popped into my mind?! YOU! I was just wondering WHEN you get your big shopping spree?? :) What a great week!!
Oh, my husband gets the same reaction about our son...except as a man, they think he's a kidnapper!

Holly and Sean said...

You are sooo gorgeous!!! And I am loving the new pillow~

Anonymous said...

love the new pillow, want the new pillow just as soon as i find a home for the last two i ordered! can a person ever have too may pillows? love your blog too! deb

Tamstyles said...

RE:(your comment)..i would love to try some white like holly..i am stepping out with the linen, but the sofa wont be sat on so that will save it...your things look fab and i doubt you have a puppy smelling, loves sports, and mess 9 year old your white sofa can take it..mine would cry! to scared to try.

Tara said...

You are adorable! and I love the look at your 70's party, you do look like Jackie, I was thinking that and then i read it, how funny..and yes can you stop making such cute pillows! they are all so creative and fun! ;)