Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beach Stripes

I have always had a love for the beach. I don't mind the sand (unless it is in my mouth...that I can't stand!) and I don't mind carrying allllllllllllllllllll the items down to the beach that are needed to keep the kids happy. I love the feeling, the smell, EVERYTHING.

These images are what is keeping me awake today!!!
I LOVE this picture!!!!! I would love to go to the beach that has these set up!!!

I made these beachy pillows in honor of my love of Cabana Stripes.

My husband, Chad and daughter on our family picture day. LOVE this picture!
Collin about a year ago....but still one of my favorite pictures!!!!

I was thinking about the beach this afternoon and decided I was in need of a new frame. You too can get one of these here.
Off to dream of this Saturday when we get to head back to the beach!! ahhh!!!!


Queen B. said...

I'm with ya......gotta luv the beach :)

nameisgrace said...

beautiful family! love the pics. thanks for sharing!...i'm adding some new burlap items soon, so check them out xoxoxo

Tara said... the stripes and the turquoise color! I dream of being at the beach too! I hate sand in my mouth too, pluk!

Magic Brush said...

Can I just say I am a little jealous? I just did a post about the snow we are still getting in Kansas City... it seems as tho' it will never end.

Love your pillows. Love that mirror/table thing. Gorgeous.