Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wahoo Contest!!!!!

Sooo....if you have had your eye on one of the pillows in my etsy shop......then HURRY over to LIFE IN THE FUN LANE.....ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Holly is SOOO sweet and is giving away 3 pillow cases OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!! Her blog is amazing and her house is SOOOOOOOO beautiful! I would like to just have one little space of my house as nice and PERFECT as hers!!!

How on earth could you go wrong!!!! Also, Please check out the AMAZING deal that she posted about earlier today....but don't buy all of them because I want to get a chandelier too. :)

We just came home from our local outdoor mall and they had a live band...bounce house...face crafts...ALL FOR FREE! I had no idea that this goes on EVERY Thursday night! Wow, I feel so enlightened! Off to scrub all the bounce house funk off my kids and put them to bed! My day is done! :)


Allegra said...

Um, I know I have no right to win any more things but I wanna win!!! ;) I'm saving my $ because I know the odds aren't great but a girl can hope!

cate said...

Your evening sounds wonderful. I can only imagine the fun your children had.