Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Dream Is a Wish.....

This week has been pretty tough around here....SO this past weekend we decided to make it fun!!!!! I took Kacey, with a few of my friends and their daughters, to go see Disney Princesses on Ice! WE HAD A BLAST!!!!
I have NO idea how on earth they can dance in those dresses.....AND ON ICE!
The girls were SOOO excited! Kacey REALLY wanted to be Ariel....but we are waiting until The Disney store puts their costumes on poor thing had to wear her last years costume. Such a trooper! :)
These girls really did feel like princesses!! We spoiled them rotten. (when else would it be okay to pay $10 for an icee JUST because it comes in a Cinderella cup?!?!)

The BEST part of the whole day is when Kacey told me, "Mom...I have been dreaming of coming to something like this for my whole life!" Just sort of melts your heart and makes you want to stop time for a bit.

OH, and Collin and Chad had a "Boys Date" as well! They played soccer at the park....went to McDonalds.........back to the playground...........BOTH took naps.........and were BOTH covered in stickers from head to toe when we walked in the door.


A.Love said...

i can only imagine you more than needed this!!

The DIY Show Off said...

aw! What a fun day!