Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working on My Skills

I LOVE photography....but I am NOT great at taking pictures! ESPECIALLY when it comes to taking pictures of my pillows! It is something that I constantly say I need to work on.....yet I never seem to make time.

My camera broke a few months ago (aka....I dropped it on the floor one last time) and so I borrow my neighbors camera on a weekly basis until Santa brings me a new one! (santa....are you reading this?!)
Tonight I couldn't sleep and I decided to bring my patio furniture into my home...and try out a little pillow photo shoot. :) I realized that I am NOT good at editing either...maybe I should sign up for a class in my "free time".
This is NEW! I think it looks very much like fall with the olive crown!
Another NEW Pillow case! It is a larger take on the origional Ruffle Pillow Case. I LOVE this one!
NEW Pink girlie crown gift set!
I just love this pillow case! I think it can make any room feel fancy!
Hope you stop by and check them out at my shop!


tara said...

Keep up the good work Katie...your pillows say it all...!! :)

A.Love said...

having a hobby is fun! when santa brings you a new camera, just imagine how much MORE fun you'll have :)
and your pillows are always beauties!!