Monday, September 21, 2009

Growing old.....together

This weekend Chad and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!!!!! I am still in shock that we are old enough to have been married for 6 years....let alone have two kids! Where oh where does the time go?! (go the math....I believe I came home from my honeymoon pregnant!)
We got married at my FAVORITE hotel in Delray Beach RIGHT on the ocean! It was BEAUTIFUL and everything I had wanted. Probably 90% of the people that came to our wedding were from out of town! It felt AMAZING to know that all of our friends and family made the trips from Maine, Virginia, and all over to come and celebrate us!
We must have gotten married PRIOR to digital pics because I had to actually take a picture of our pictures. HA! (yes, I have a scanner....but have NO idea how to use it)
If that makes me feel old....IMAGINE what this picture does to me knowing that this was 11 years ago!!!! HA! We look like babies!
Don't worry....I DID ask the photographer at the time if they had any other was either this or the fake river scene. LOVELY!

Life is SOOO Much better when you are married to your very best friend!


A.Love said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are--how your family is doing with everything!
What a happy moment in the to talk about today. the light in the darkness.
Happy Anniversary!!!

tara said...

congrats!! so sweet Katie! :)

nameisgrace said...

Happy anniversary!!! your wedding pic reminds me of tara and dannys. so beautiful! and i still don't know how you and tara got your men to wear tuxes on the beach in florida weather! i was DYING at taras...sweat marks all OVER my dress. HAHA! good times. wishing you many more years of happines! xoxo

LuLu said...

happy Anniversary!

Thompson Tales said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I just saw your previous post, your pillows are all so cute!!

Kasey said...

lovin the beach wedding!
[where are you???}

Thompson Tales said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!!! It is wonderful when you marry your best friend!!!!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

LOVE it - Happy Anniversary!

You've been missed! Where have you been? :)