Monday, September 28, 2009


I have some GREAT friends! Not to mention some friends that LOVE a good themed out party! It is SOOOO fun to have a themed party when EVERYONE gets involved and pays attention to the details that make it so fun!

My birthday happens to be in my FAVORITE month of the year, OCTOBER! I love the feeling of fall (well, what I remember of it anyways. It is still VERY hot in Florida), the candy corn, the decorations, my birthday, and best of all HALLOWEEN! Love it all!!!!

Last year to celebrate my 29th Birthday one of my BFF'S, Courtney threw me a KILLER PARTY! She hosted a Murder mystery party 1920's style! THE BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!

We all received our characters in the mail and dressed the part, made our pre-party phone call clues to each other, and came in character! (yes, I am VERY short compared to my friends! This is why I tend to hang out with my kids most of the time)

This picture makes me laugh! Poor Neil (far left) said his card just said baseball player....didn't realize it was in the 1920's. ha!

It took place at a bar in the 1920's. ha! (I am fully aware that they didn't have these signs back then....but it was still fun!)

My birthday cake! RED VELVET! The perfect cake for a murder!

I guess they told us to act tough. I just look upset. ha!

We had a dance contest to 20's music!

A Fully stocked bar and poker table set up.

And of course......A MURDER!

This is a really fun idea to have any time of the year.....but ESP around Halloween! We are already starting to plan the party for this year!!!!!!!!!! check it out here to pick your theme!


A.Love said...

Hahaha we had this same party for my husband for his 30th. I was 7 months pregnant and really did way too much and felt gross but HE had a good time...I just wanted to make it about me ;)

nameisgrace said...

i remember these pics! so much fun. i wanna do a theme party for our new years party. i've got lots of brainstorming to do. you are a pro at this!!!

Chablis said...

I love murder mysery parties! Those costumes are amazing!! What great friends.

Kasey said...

I love a murder mystery party!!
so fun.

LuLu said...

Looked like a blast!!

janet said...

your friends look like fun people!