Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6th Annual Celebration

I just celebrated my 6th Annual 25th Birthday last Friday! My husband planned a great day for us at Disney as a family! IT WAS GREAT!!!! We generally go there when company is visiting from out of town so it was sooo nice to be able to have a mini vacation with our family of 4!

All I wanted for my birthday was pictures of our family by my friend, Maria with Snidershots!
She is a great friend...and an amazing photographer!!!!! We had our pictures taken at my parents house and on the golf course behind their house...and I LOVE THEM!!!!!! I am not particularly into golf...but my husband was a golf pro for 7 years and so it is a part of his/our life. Plus, they are BEAUTIFUL.:)

Here are just a FEW of them pics that she took. Some of my FAVE aren't even included here yet...but I will show off soon enough.

This picture is one of my FAVE!!!!!

I have NO idea how she did this...or why I am leaning soo far forward...but I love it!

I am in shock at how big my baby girl is!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

For some reason this picture reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. (please excuse the big hair bow she picked out....she is a fashionista at 5!)

We didn't get many shots of just Collin by himself because he had a huge fall at the playground that day and didn't take a nap....and didn't really want much to do with any of the pictures. BOYS! :)
It was a GREAT day.....a GREAT birthday.....with my Favorite People!


A.Love said...

is kasey wearing pink rainbows in her picture?! i want to steal them!! you are all beautiful. there is nothing as special as family photos :) good job to your hubby!!

Jessica said...

So so cute! What a perfect little family! :) And Happy Bday!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

FABULOUS shots!!! wow...Happy 6th anniversary! xoxo

Brenda said...

I love them. Your family is beautiful.

Ajalee's Sweet Life said...

This is so funny because I did the same thing last Tuesday. I celebrated my 25th birthday for the 3rd time and my husband planned a day at Disneyland for me : )

Thompson Tales said...

Happy Birthday (belated)...your husband sounds wonderful to plan such a fun family outing!! You are right, your daughter is so beautiful!!

Holly and Sean said...

You and your entire family are just gorgeous!!! Those are amazing shots, she is a very talented photographer.
Happy 25th birthday~

Katie said...

These pics are beautiful!

Dayka said...

Beautiful photos!