Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Little Man

Tomorrow my little man is turning THREE!!!! Sometimes I am in shock that I am a mom....let alone a mom of a 5 year old and a 3 year old! Just thinking of this makes me feel a lump in my throat!

Three years ago, on November 6th, I gave birth to a HANDSOME, LOVING, STRONG, KIND, FRIENDLY, VERY FUNNY, SPORTS LOVING LITTLE MAN!
I never had a brother, never had little cousins that lived near me, was one of the youngest kids on my court growing this little guy was the first little baby boy to take my breath away and melt my heart!!!

I spend EVERY day with him! While Chad is at work and Kacey is at is just the two of us! We go on dates to the park for a picnic lunch and soccer match, snuggle up to watch movies, color, play baseball for hours at a time, set up train tracks that run thru the whole living room, and we run EVERY errand around town.........all with my little man!

This was the day that we went to the hospital. (went into hospital on the 5th....little booger stayed put till late afternoon on the 6th)

My handsome little guy just min. old!

His arrival made Kacey a big sister! She has been sooo loving and soooo proud of her little brother from the min. they met!

One of our first family pictures....this makes me laugh because Kacey looks like she is eating him!

He melts my heart!



This little guy made us a family of FOUR, and completed our family!!!


Tamstyles said...

so similar...i took a photo in the park with my daughter a few days before i had my son....he melted my heart as well as soon as they told me he was a boy because i went the whole pregnancy thinking he was a girl so he was a BIG surprise. My hubby saw the jewels and said ITS A BOY! I was in shock, but so happy because I knew that my family was complete. So wishing your guy a happy birthdaym and many more. My hubbys is Sunday.

nameisgrace said...

happy birthday little man!!!! so precious....are you sure you don't want 3 though?! hehe

The Tattered Cottage said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family you have! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet little man! :)

Lilas Eyes said...

What a gorgeous family you have! It makes me want another one!! I have one baby girl now and I'm sure she would love a little brother! Enjoy!! And Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!

Lilas Eyes said...

What a gorgeous family! It makes me want another baby. I'm the mommy of 1 baby girl now and I'm sure she'd love a baby brother. Enjoy them and Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dayka said...

Beautiful photos, and what cute kids you have. You seem like a very engaging and thoughtful mom!