Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Closer to a Commitment

I have a VERY long wall behind my couch and I have 10 ft I feel like no matter what I put on there it gets lost! I have painted and patched SOOO many holes on the wall from trying things out!

The wall is actually BLANK right now. (I have actually been grounded from TESTING on the wall... I need to do my research before I am supposed to pick up a hammer)

The recent family pictures that we got taken is what I WANT to put behind the wall....but I feel like it just NEEDS something else. I am leaning towards this AMAZING picture! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
The ONLY thing missing in this picture is a few Sa-Sea Boutique pillows...and I could seriously get cozy on that couch!!!!!

I honestly have NO idea where I saved this picture from! I look at it often, and decided to share. (if this is your pic...please let me know!!! i want to see more!!!)


Kasey said...

gorgeous photo! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
p.s. i am headed down to florida in we MUST find a day to meet {half way}

Tamstyles said...

we painted the guest bath and my ceilings are crazy tall...i swear there was no air up there...i felt like i was climbing a mountain. everytime i came down i was drenched...

megan said...

I believe it is from coastal living. I faintly remember seeing this too and loving it to.

Thompson Tales said...

That is a very cute room, and i agree, it does need some of your adorable pillows!!!