Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Sweet Pillow Cases

I had a request from my 5 year old to make her some fancy pillow cases for her room. She wants to change hers out on her bed....because I am CONSTANTLY changing out pillow cases on my couches. (They go in the was weekly...and I hate having them bare so I just rotate)

Here is what we came up with. I hope you enjoy!!!!

I am going to be adding a few more to the shop by this weekend!!!!
I can picture these two in any girl's room! Small or big! They are the right mix of soft and fancy!
This spa blue and pink royal crown mix looks SOO sweet on white bedding!!!!
I am off to the gym with my little man. Sometimes it stinks that he loves going to the gym kids room sooo much because I really just want to sit at home in my pj's this morning...but he has asked me about 50 times if we are going to "his gym school". Darn Kid!! :)


Queen B. said...

* BE STILL MY HEART.........THAT BLUE QUEEN PILLOW SCREAMS COZY KITCHEN BY THE SEA........HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*************************

Emily said...

Those pillows are gorgeous!! I have your shop as a favorite on etsy. Didn't know you had a blog till today. Amazing job!

Tamstyles said...

love the colors..mine is in my office chair.

justastonesthrowaway said...

I odered the crown with ruffles in white......can't wait to get it!