Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What do you Collect?

I LOVE shopping for someone that has a collection already started. You know they will LOVE the item...and it doesn't matter if they already have 50 of them.

I wish I had a collection of something, other than a million decorating and gossip magazines!

My dad collects unique Santa's. He gets 1 a year, and I like it when I find the first Santa and can tell my mom that she doesn't need to get him one. I found the PERFECT choice yesterday as I was searching thru my blog list!!!!

Check these babies out!!!!!!!!! They are available at The Pink Pig and I think that I just might start a little Santa collection of my own after seeing these guys! They are hand carved, and I love their faces!!!!

I am DEFINITELY getting a pink and green one for my kid's!


nameisgrace said...

Those are adorable! i would start a santa collection just based on those cuties but collin would KILL me! Collecting is SO much fun, but very addicting. Your hubby must be so proud that you don't collect haha! I collect shells, seaglass, vintage plates, milk glass, ornaments, omg the list goes on...collin HATES it!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

too cute!!! :)