Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I need a drink!!!!

I LOVE how my wedding was, and all of the little touches that were so personal!


I wish that I could go back and redo some things! I would plan my whole wedding around etsy finds!

Check out these super cute stir sticks that my friend, Ashley, is making in her new etsy shop!

Check them out at Lemon and Lavender Designs!!!!! She custom designs wedding invites, save the dates, birth announcements, birthday invites, custom logo design, and everything in between!

I think they just make the drink look like it tastes better!!!!!!

Here is a little drink recipe that I got from CELEBRATE magazine!!!!!! I can't wait to make my "test batch" before Easter dinner! (of course I am going to test it prior to serving! :)

Citrus White Wine Spritzer
2 (1/4-inch-thick) lemon slices
2 (1/4-inch-thick) lime slices
ice cubes
1/2 cup Penot Grigio or other white wine
1/4 cup Lemon-Lime-Flavored seltzer water

In a large stemmed glass, arrange lemon slices and lime slices between ice cubes to fill the glass. pour wine and setzer water over fruit and ice. Stir, and serve immediately!



icandy... said...

Oh, that looks sooooo refreshing!
Happy Spring, sweet!

Patty said...

Yum that spritzer sounds great ;) Etsy has some crazy good stuff!

Lilas Eyes said...

MMmmmmmmmm that sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe and etsy shop link!!!

Lilas Eyes said...

Mmmmmmmm this looks delicious, I can't wait to make some!!! Thanks for the recipe.

Lilas Eyes said...

MMMMmmmmmm is right, those look delicous! Thanks for the recipe!

Lilas Eyes said...

MMMMmmmmmm is right, those look delicous! Thanks for the recipe!

Recreating Wonderland said...

Love these!!! Glad I stumbled upon your blog.