Monday, March 8, 2010

Snazzy Little Dresser!

I have been SOOO busy and overwhelmed lately....but these pictures bring a huge smile to my face!!!!!

I do not know any other 3 year old boys that picks out his clothes to look like his dad even when we are just going to the park! (although my husband doesn't wear a hat to work....crocs......or leave his top button undone)

Such a snazzy little guy!

ha!!!! His face melts my heart!

Thank goodness he claims that he is going to marry his big sister or me!
My little girl is growing up SOO fast!
This is her claim to fame!
Don't think that his outfit is going to slow him down! Nothing will!!!
Love her!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to keep her at this stage for a bit longer!
Now this takes some serious style to pull off!!!! Try to see if you could get away with this! :)


Dreams of Perfection said...

Such beautiful babies! And he is def. dressed to the 9s.

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

you have the most beautiful kids! with a sense of style like that... you're going to have a heartbreaker on your hands soon!