Friday, March 19, 2010

New Additions

I have been CRAZY BUSY lately!!!!! Between my kids starting soccer, the time change, my husband getting in a car accident the EXACT day that we wrote our LAST car payment (not his fault, and he is so much!), St. Patrick's day party....and life...I feel like I am running around in circles!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the new cases in my shop! I am excited with how they turned out!!!!

I love having a print on my pillow cases...but this ruffle one looks SO nice behind another case! I have these EVERYWHERE!
Gotta love a good ticking stripe!
This isn't a new design....but with the BEAUTIFUL weather lately.....I feel like pulling out my summer cases again!

I LOVE seahorses....and I am loving it in this blue!

1 comment:

judith shakespeare said...

I need to order this seahorse pillow Katie. I NEED IT!!!