Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is in the Air!!!!

Today is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside!!!! You might think it is always beautiful in Tampa, but we have had a VERY cold winter! I mean, VERY cold!

This beautiful weather is making me feel like I need to get going in my backyard! We recently had it fenced in, so now I really feel like it is my little oasis!

I received an email today with some of the new outdoor goodies at Ikea, and I was really impressed with a few things! This year, I think I need a few lounge chairs!

Ikea= Hallo Outdoor Cushion $12.99

Ikea Applaro Lounge Chair = $129.00

Ikea= Amerro Lounge Chair with Cushion! = 169.00

Ikea= Solar Power Lighting = $9.99

Ikea= Solig Solar Power Hanging lamps!!! = $19.99

I might just have to swing on by there to test them out!!!!!


judith shakespeare said...

HOLY CRAP! LETS take the kids to IKEA next week. I NEED ALL OF THIS FOR MY LANAI!

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

I have been loving the outdoor stuff at Ikea, such great stuff! I love all the classic striped fabric!

Preppy Mama said...

I love Ikea. Those are sweet deals!!

nameisgrace said...

loooove these. the prices are so great too. happy spring! xoxo

Dreams of Perfection said...

It's the cold ocean winds. The wind off of the ocean makes Tampa colder than what the temp reads. The wind in Florida is always the kicker.