Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally off the list!

I have FINALLY crossed off "HANG CURTAINS ON BACK PORCH" off of my never ending "to do list!"

I LOVE how they turned out and my back porch is my FAVORITE spot of the whole house!

I LOVE how our huge 6 ft fence blocks us from seeing anything outside of our little oasis!
(Now if only we could block the sound.....)

I LOVE how the curtains are always blowing because no matter how hot it is outside, there seems to always be a slight breeze on our porch!

I LOVE that I can sit out there and watch the dogs run, the kids play, and just relax!

(These are just temp curtains, so they are a tad bit too short!)

We hung them up the night before Kacey's big backyard Garden Tea Party! (that is the reason for the sparkle butterfly fabric ties on the curtains!) I really believe that they make it feel more like a room!

Next on my outdoor "to do list"
-hang either a fan or a chandelier (totally want a chandelier......but a fan is sort of a MUST in FL)
-hang shutters outside of the window (above little bench)
-Chad wants to do pavers in a few areas outside of the porch

No biggie.....should be all crossed off the list in the next year.... :)



Lolo said...

Cute! I love decorating the outside...its where most of us spend half the year, so it makes sense, huh?
The shutter idea and chani sound fab!

btw - love your blog ;)

Jessica said...

They look just FABULOUS!!! Agreed with the fan, I just picked one up last night for our patio too, definitely a must in FL. Speaking of, we live so close, when are we going to get together for an Ikea shopping trip or something that we can brag about on our blogs?! :)

3 Including Me... said...

The curtains are so pretty.. looks so peacefull! I would like to sit there with a nice cool cocktail!

Just Beachy said...

Looks so cute .