Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outdoor Curtains

I LOVE white curtains flowing outside on the patio!
I just really enjoy sitting on our back porch while the kids play, the dogs run, and Chad is grilling. We have a very large patio and want to make it feel more like a ROOM, than just a part of the yard!
We purchased some curtains last weekend, and I got CHEAP curtain rods from Ikea.
I think we are going to go for the Pottery Barn rods instead because we have a stucco home, and I don't want to end up redoing them down the road and being left with holes in the wall.
I can't wait until this project is finished!!!!!
Hopefully pictures to come!



Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

AAH! Love it! We just put curtains outside, and I just love it SO! Enjoy!!!

Maria Snider said...

So cozy! Such a great idea!!!

Ashley said...

I love that second patio... OMG. I want curtains in my lanai too!!!