Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crepe Paper Projects

I was searching through Country Living tonight just checking out all of the craft projects! I am a sucker for a good "project of the week".

I ran across these Halloween Crepe Paper Flowers and really loved them! I am TOTALLY going to make some black ones for Halloween....but I will also be making some brighter colored flowers to add to Kacey's room as a surprise.

Find the easy to follow Tutorial HERE

This Crepe Paper Wreath is also a MUST on my list of "things to do"!!!! Tutorial Here

My son, Collin, has decided that he would like to have a Halloween Costume Birthday party this year to celebrate turning 4...... so I will be posting lots of fun craft/party/decoration ideas coming up! I can't even wait for this party!!!!!!!!!



Deb said...

Those crepe paper flowers are adorable, may have to make some too! Thanks for stopping by...I love your shop and actually have two of your pillows, which I love so much!

Ashley said...

I love that wreath! I'm coming over when you make it so I can make one too!!!!

Amanda said...

my son Jack (who will be 3) on Halloween has a costume party every year, since of course he was born on the exact day! so i'm REALLY looking forward to the ideas you find! and, loving those crepe paper flowers!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

I'm eeking because crepe paper is so cheap and these look like...something you would purchase! Love it! Thanks for the heads up!

fun craft projects said...

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