Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maine- The Good Life

We went on an AMAZING family vacation to Maine for almost two weeks. It was SOOOO relaxing and we made SO many wonderful memories with our kids and family!

Just watching the kids be able to run around without us following their every move was just so great, and we were really able to watch them grow and explore! I LOVE MAINE!!!!!!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL! 70's and 80's in the day.........60's at night! PERFECT!!!!!

Living in Florida, we REALLY appreciated all of the HUGE trees!!!!!

We stayed right on Moose Lake and enjoyed every min of it! The kids all caught fish, swam, jumped off the docks, and hung out!

The water actually wasn't as bad as I had remembered it being as a kid. DEF not Florida water temps......but so refreshing!

What's a vacation without smores! My ALL TIME favorite food!!!!!!!!! I could seriously eat anything smores flavored and LOVE it!

my brave little guy on the zip line! Guess he thought the life vest would help him! ha!

Kacey was the biggest out of all of the kids (6 cousins) and went SUPER fast!
too cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Kacey and Elle are such great friends/cousins! They spent a good chunk of the vacation laying on this rock coloring pictures! They felt so free, and it was amazing to watch!
We went on several walks/hikes.
Love them!
Late night burn off their energy from all the smores! The kids were too cute, they would draw arrows along the dirt road so that we could find out way back to the house!
Home away from Home! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have TONS of pictures and will add more later! We took Kacey and Elle to the American Girl store in Boston and I can't wait to share the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was probably one of the best days of my life!!!!!!

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