Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dress Up Fun

On Kacey's actual birthday, my mom and I took her to a really sweet Tea Room! She LOVES it when we all wear dresses and go on a girl's date for tea! (she actually calls her grammy to remind her to dress fancy!)

We had an absolute BLAST! There is nothing like seeing your daughter SOOO happy and just really enjoying every single minute of her special day!

This tea room had a huge section with all sorts of fancy dresses, boas, glasses, jewelry, barbies, and TONS of hats to try on! Kacey was in absolute heaven!!!!!!!!

I don't think there was a hat or an outfit that she didn't try on! She took this all VERY serious!

These pictures really crack me up!!!!!!!!
I am pretty sure the dresses were for the kids.....but the birthday girl dressed her grammy and me up as well........AND WE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

Kacey ordered pink tea and practically drank the entire pot!
I also ordered her a 3 tier platter ALL TO HERSELF! She was so surprised and excited that she ate basically EVERYTHING on it! I might consider serving all of her meals on a platter like this from now on!
If you get the chance to dress up and act like a kid for a day.........DO IT!!!!!!!!!

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