Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day Of School

The day after returning from almost two weeks in Maine, Kacey started her first day of Kindergarten!

She was SO excited about the outfit that she picked out, meeting her teacher, and making new friends! I was so excited for her as well, but could not even believe that my little girl was going to elementary school!!!!!!!!

We were in Maine during Back To School night, so we had to call to find out who her teacher was.........TURNS OUT THEY PUT HER IN A 3RD GRADE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!! We walked in and quickly made the trip to the office to get her switched to a kindergarten class! I mean, she is a bright kid.....but they should probably teach her to read a little better before shoving her into 3rd grade!!! :)

We finally made it to the right place and she was super excited!

Collin was a little bummed to say goodbye to her for a WHOLE day! They are too cute!

After school and dinner I surprised her with some TOTALLY AMAZING Banana cupcakes from Paradise Cupcakes. She was so excited as she told us all about her first day of school!

The very next day my little man went off to his first day of part time Preschool. He was SOOOO excited to be going to the same school that he had seen Kacey go to for the past year! He had a confidence about him that I had never seen before, and it made me so proud!

(he also picked out his clothes from head to toe......I have always let them choose whatever they want to wear. Sounds crazy I am sure, but they feel so confident about it!)

Kacey walked him into school and showed him all around and what he could expect for the day!

He loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Both kids have already made friends and are really enjoying it! That makes this mom feel SOOO GOOD!
I also feel super good about the extra 4 hours I will have per week, kid less, to catch up on all of these orders from being gone on Vacation.....and working on some new goodies for my shop!

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Ashley said...

love it!! They are adorable!