Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jersey Cases

I often feel bad that I make all types of girlie things for Kacey and her room......blankets for her dolls, ruffle pillow cases, skirts, glitter frames...and so on. I wanted to make something fun with Collin for his we went to town on a little project.

We found an old softball shirt of Chad's and a vintage Atlanta Braves shirt that I had ordered online for Chad YEARS ago.

I combined these shirts that were fit for a yard sale....with my love of pillows.....AND WE MADE TWO OF THE COOLEST PILLOWS TO DATE!

Collin couldn't be more excited about them and Chad was super happy to come home from work and see what we had done!

I am thinking these would be the PERFECT accent to any basement, man cave, or bar! I hate throwing away old this is a great fit!


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