Friday, January 28, 2011

Where did January Go?!

I have no idea where January has gone!

We have been non-stop busy with birthdays, soccer, my shop , girl's night out, school, and on and on.

I love being busy......but wish that I could add a few more hours to each day!

Here's our last few weeks in photos...

My mom celebrated her birthday! Wine and Angel food cake with Strawberries= AMAZING!

I will leave out the part that this night ended with ALL of us doing cartwheels IN my living room! I will also never leak the video I took. haha!

We took Kacey out to dinner to celebrate a WONDERFUL report card! It honestly shocks me at how well she is reading, doing math, and such a great student! YEAH KACEY!


Chad had his birthday!!!!! His big day happened to fall on Soccer Practice night (he is coaching Kacey's team....and I am coaching Collin's soccer team) so we had cupcakes with the team.....followed by ice cream cake the kids decorated at home. mmmm....sugar!

Kacey was invited to a tea party birthday party! I was excited too!

When we arrived......I realized it was a Kid's only party!!!!! This was our first! :)
I had no idea what to do with myself for two hours so instead of having some "alone time", I met up with Collin and Chad at the sports store.

I have about 10 pictures of me TRYING to get a picture with our dog Kali!
This dog probably has the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Dog training......yet she doesn't listen much! Grrrr!

Yeah! A picture with Kali! Sometimes I wish I didn't love her so much because she is a LOT of work!
Here's to hoping February moves a bit slower than January!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I feel like I've totally missed January. Your daughter is beautiful.

ASHLEY said...

HEY!! I gave your blog an award!