Friday, January 14, 2011


My master bedroom is about 70% complete right now! I am LOVING it!

It is amazing how great starting out your day in an amazing room feels!

BUT....I have a dilemma....I have NO idea what to hang over our bed! I wanted large white frames.....but this rounded headboard throws me for a loop! I swore that I would never own another headboard that wasn't flat on the top.....and here I am again!

Two square frames?
Three Square Frames?
Two large frames
Four medium frames in a square?

Every picture that I LOVE.......has nothing hanging over the bed. I guess I just don't LOVE it in my own room! We have very high ceilings and it just feels like it is missing something!

Any suggestions?!


Amanda said...

three sqaure frames. but don't ask me why... it's just what i like. :)

it will keep things a little "mixed up" since there's two of everything else. two tables. two lamps. two pillows. you get the idea. so break it up some with three square frames. or, don't. anything you choose is CERTAIN to look amazing, but i face dilemmas in decorating like this daily and know the anxiety it can cause, so there's my two, or maybe three, cents. ;)

Di said...

Why not put an ornamental shelf there instead and make a nice display.

Jessica said...

I vote for 3 square frames as well, I think it's the perfect combo for a modern, clean look but fits in with any design style! :)

Alison said...

I have a similar headboard, homemade though so not as nice. I have a collection of four small art items arranged in a cross. Two small original paintings of palm trees, one small mixed media heart art and one preserved blue butterfly. I collected the art at the Miami Art Festival. I really like it. I can send you a picture if you would like.

Anonymous said...

I recommend 3 frames with the two on the sides lower and the center one higher (following the curve of the headboard)

Good luck!