Thursday, October 6, 2011

32 Random facts....

I am almost 32 years old.....and I think it pretty much kicks ass! I love the 30's!!!!!! I decided to do 32 random facts about myself in honor of the new year!

1. I could eat sushi 7 days a week and never get sick of it
2. I am spending my big birthday running a 15k with my hubby
3. I live in Florida but still live 45 min from the beach, and this is so sad to me
4. I love my friends
5. My kids are total homebodies just like their mama
6. My favorite color is turquoise, and has been since I was in high school
7. I have coached soccer for my son's team for 3 seasons and haven't lost a game!!!!!
8. The sight of people brushing their teeth makes me ill
9. My kids and I do not like soda.....AT ALL.
10. I am not a beer girl....but will drink cheap keg bear in red solo cups and enjoy it!
11. I think it is absolutely annoying when people copy others!
12. Girl's nights always make me happy....I have a great group of girlfriends!
13. Teen Mom makes me cry on a weekly basis! (on mtv)
14. I can't even watch jersey shore for two min.....most annoying show ever!
15. I redecorate my house all the time, yet I always keep the same colors
16. I could redecorate my entire home at Home Goods
17. I love to run....alone....unless I am with Chad or my dad.
18. I smile the entire time my kids tell us about their day during dinner.....and I pray that they are always so open with us!
19. Family bike rides make me happy!
20. Bleach is my all time favorite cleaning supply
21. I seriously figured out the game of roulette while in Aruba and am dying to go to Vegas and convince my hubby of this. :)
22. Santa still brings me gifts
23.Carrot Cake is my all time fave
24. I eat ice cream pretty much on a nightly basis
25. Have zero problem cutting bad people out of my life and never looking back
26. It makes me SO HAPPY every year when my husband brings four boxes of Halloween decorations down from the attic
27. I haven't colored my hair since before I was married.....and am convinced it keeps getting darker each year.
28. Wear jeans on a daily basis
29. Am addicted to Couponing
30. My favorite thing to do is spend the day at the beach with my family
31. Read my nook nightly to fall asleep



Jessica said...

this is too cute! sounds like you are one HAPPY lady! :) And cheers to cheap beer in a red solo cup.. drink one for me!

Marissa said...

Katie this is so cute. So many of them I said "me too" in my head. What 15k are you running? is it before the half-marathon?