Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My daughter LOVES to have her nails painted so we tried out "shattering" our nails for halloween. It was really cool how it worked.....and perfect for halloween!!!!!

We purchased "Atomic Orange" by OPI, "black shatter" by OPI, and used OPI top coat after to make it all really shiny!

First you paint the nails with the under color.....and it is REALLY important that you wait for it to dry all the way. I will admit we were too excited and so I couldn't wait, and it brushed off some of my orange. Why does everything take soo long to dry, I am not patient enough for this!

Kacey pulled out her American Girl catalog as reading material while I painted her up. ha!

Loved the orange alone....but just wasn't spooky enough for us.

Wahoo.....spooky halloween nails for us!!!!! I am totally going to do green and red for Christmas as well. It is just fun and a nice change.

Try it!!!!!

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Maria Snider said...

Love it! They have so many colors you could do it to match her underwater costume too:)