Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Birthday Bash

It is really no secret at all that I LOVE Halloween! I remember being SUPER stoked that my due date for Collin was close enough to Halloween that I could throw him Halloween Birthday Parties if he wanted.....and lucky for me he loves the holiday as much as I do!

This weekend we celebrated Collin's upcoming 5th Birthday....and it went off perfectly! Even looking at these pictures makes me so happy!

The family......Grammy the witch......Kacey is Ariel......Collin is Batman.....Grampy is Robin......I am Captain Hook....and Chad is Mr. Smee. I had sooo much fun making each of the costumes and then seeing everyone really pull off the look. Makes this mama proud!

Possibly my favorite picture ever. They are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha! Kacey helped me pick out all of the fabric and the design of how she wanted her costume. She absolutely LOVES stuff like this!
The party began at 6, and we had 22 kids and just as many parents! I was a little nervous because we have never had that many people over.....BUT IT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!

We set up craft table for crafts while we waited for everyone to show up! The boys colored edible vampire teeth while the girl's made fall flower pens! TOTAL SUCCESS!

The boys showing off their vampire teeth! ha!

My little batman!

The girl's with their flower pens.

Collin picked ALL of the games himself! I gave him a list of about 20 activities and he picked what he wanted to do and was SOOO excited about planning his party himself.

Freeze dance is his all time favorite game! Playing to halloween music takes the game to the highest level of fun....and a lot of fun to watch!

There was a relay race with an eyeball on a spoon. haha....from the looks of this picture it is obvious that Collin was cheating! (sorry....the judges were all drinking white wine sangria! bad judgement)

My favorite part of the night was when my mom sat on a rocking chair in our spooky "grave yard" and read "There was an old lady who swallowed a bat" to the kids in a spooky witch voice. All of the kids sat and listened soo well and really enjoyed it!

After she finished reading the story she handed out little bags of "Rat eyeballs, Spider legs, and ghost poop" to go along with the book. (idea via pinterest)

I made owl and spider cupcakes and the kids loved them! Collin picked out Orange flavored cake with chocolate frosting, and it was really a good combo!

My fave serving piece of all!!!!!!!

I still can't believe my little man is turning 5! Where on earth did the last 5 years go..and how can I get my little baby back!

We had these milk jugs all around our fence and they were a great accent! The whole family got into painting them.....and it looked great with the lights!

Our spooky grave yard was a success!
I can honestly say that it was the best party I have ever done!!!!! I think all of the parents and kids had a blast......and Collin hasn't stopped talking about it today!

I am going to bed one proud mama tonight.....and looking forward to Halloween tomorrow! Hope everyone had a wonderfully festive weekend!!!!!!!!!!



Jasmine Atiyeh said...

It was sooo much fun! You did a fabulous job!!!

Maria Snider said...

So much fun! You are a wonderful mom!