Friday, October 21, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party

Last night we went to Disney for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was a great time.....7 hours of a good time! :)
My sister and her family came down to visit from VA, and the weather was absolutely AMAZING here! We had a total blast! Here is the night in pictures......

Our gang.....minus Chad who had to work. :(

Argh! haha

my kids weren't thrilled I didn't finish sewing their costumes for this year prior to our disney trip.....but this mom has been busy!

Proud Grammy and Grampy with their babies

Best picture of the day! ha! Looks like my sister is in trouble in 10 years when Elle starts to drive.

My bats. These were their last years costumes....but perfect for the chilly night!

We had a BLAST! The kids LOADED up on candy.....went to a dance party with Woody and Jessie, Watched a scary parade, had so much fun people watching all of the adults that seriously decked themselves up and were SOOO serious about their costumes, Collin was finally tall enough for a big deal roller coaster, and we just had a great night!!!!!! Can't wait until next year!


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