Monday, October 17, 2011

Bday Fun!

I had an AMAZING birthday weekend!!!!!
I love the month of October.....and that my birthday falls in the middle. I will have to say that I do miss the fall weather of living in Virginia....but I will deal with our warm Florida fall for our amazing winters.

We started the weekend with a fun night at Kacey's School fall festival. The kids really had a great time!

My mother in law was here for the weekend to help us celebrate.

Love that Chad got into a festive outfit with us!!!!!

Sunday morning (my birthday) I got the whole family up at 5am to drive an hour and watch Chad and I run a 15k race! They were super excited to cheer for us!

Our race started out on the wrong foot.....we were in line for the rest room when the race we had to clock our own time. It was actually kind of fun to start late because it felt amazing to pass so many people and catch up to where we were at our pace run. :)
We ended up running 10 miles in just over 9 min miles......AND COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! I really enjoy running with my hubby, and it was his first race ever....and he did amazing!

turning 32 is fun!!!!!!

My family!

Sushi all time favorite! Love how they know our name and our orders whenever we show up or call for an order. Makes me smile!

a Snickers blizzard was an amazing way to end such a special day!!!!!

Here's to another great year with my amazing family and friends!


Maria Snider said...

Beautiful family! Glad you had an awesome birthday!!! XO

kasey said...

Happy Birthday!!! You all look so good;-)

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