Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Growth Chart Tutorial

We have always kept a growth chart of our kid's height on their bedroom door. I absolutely love looking at it and seeing how fast they grow! My parents charted our growth on the door when we were growing up and once they moved I realized that we didn't mark it down on something that we could see later. SO SAD!!!! I would have loved to have something with my growth to compare how much taller my children are than me. :)

I have been crazy project lady for the past week and was not able to share due to problem with our computer.

For the growth board all you need is a 6 foot board. (unless you have people in your family larger than 7 feet....then you will need a larger board)

I weathered the wood (tutorial on that tomorrow) and let it dry for two days

Sanded edges of the board like crazy.....the more the better in my opinion!

Went to town painting the inch marks and played around with the design.

I am hanging the board one foot off the ground so that the 6 foot board will actually measure up to 7 feet.

I think we will have a lot of fun with it! I plan on putting their grandparents height, Chad and my height, and theirs as they grow. I just love the idea of always having this.

I added some sea glass blue stripes and just painted the numbers freehand.

This will be hung one foot off of the floor. (that is the hubby's job because I tend to add a few extra holes to the walls)

This is the records that we have taken up until now. :) I will still continue to let them keep this on their doors.....but it won't hurt so bad if we move anymore.

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how I weathered the wood....and a few other fun projects!


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