Monday, March 5, 2012

Half Marathon...DONE!

Four our 8 year anniversary we decided we wanted to run a half marathon together! Actually....I wanted to run a half marathon and chad is so sweet that he signed up with me! I trained for the race and totally enjoy running.....Chad just pretty much shows up and runs with me. Soo lucky!
We woke up at 3:30AM and it was VERY windy.....and they were predicting serious rain storm! NOT THE NEWS YOU WANT ON RACE DAY!
But it all worked out! A little rain and crazy wind isn't enough to stop us!

I took this picture at mile 10. We totally enjoyed the entire run, and it honestly didn't feel like it was that hard! We started at the end of the race line (over 5k people were in the race!!!!!) and only stopped one time to use the rest room (aka. NASTY porter john!)....other than that we kept our pace and just enjoyed the run!

My parents and kids were at the finish line to cheer us on!!!!! It was soooo amazing to finish and have them there to see us!

Our stats. We were excited with our time because we felt great the entire race.....stopped once and waited in line for the bathroom.....ran the entire race without walking.....and totally took in the whole experience!

These two looked like this at the end of the day! ha! They fell asleep on the couch together while we were facetiming family! too cute! They were exhausted from all of the excitement!

Basically at the same time Chad and I finished our race.....this super sweet little man was born!!!!!!!!! Colson is one lucky little guy!!!!!!!!

I feel so accomplished after this weekend! Chad and I had a goal...totally stuck to it....and are thrilled with how we felt during and after the race! I can't wait till our next race!!!!!!


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