Monday, September 6, 2010

Canvas Prints

My son decided almost 2 years ago that he wanted a sports bedroom. Not any particular sport, but just sports in general!

I went with it and let him do his own thing.

I showed him these canvas prints from Pottery Barn Kids several months ago, and he loved them. At $149 EACH, I decided that I could tackle this little project on my own!

The whole project probably cost me $25.......and Collin and I were so proud! (although I am going to redo the sort of turned out more like a dress)

The two of us made these several months ago, and they are his favorite thing in his room!

I LOVE how they look a little rough, and are just perfect for his room! (not to mention I saved $420!!!!!!!!)



Your Artistic View said...

Those are so cool, did you just paint them on canvas and hang them up, or did you frame them as well?

3 Including Me... said...

What a great job! I did the same with my sons room, my mom painted them for me... They are jerseys from Potterybarns old catalogs! Love it! and so much cheaper!

Jen Kershner said...

Those look great! They have a folk art look about them that is so appealing.