Monday, September 27, 2010

Surfs Up

We went to Debordieu Island in South Carolina this past weekend for some fun in the sun......and to attend the most BEAUTIFUL wedding I have EVER been to! (pics to come)

The kids were GREAT in the car and were beyond happy to go to a beach with waves and test out their boogie boarding skills.
I swear that they are TOTAL water babies.....and it makes this mama SO happy!

EVERYONE that sees Collin stops us and tells us how they love his hair and that he looks like a total surfer boy! WELL....HE IS! He would rather be at the beach all day long than do much of anything else!

Kacey tested out her surfing skills! She wasn't interested in the water sports at first.....until she realized that she is really good! She doesn't waste much time doing things that she isn't good at....girls.:)


Kacey was screaming the entire time she was in the water! Soo cute!

He was a little upset that I didn't have a surf board.....but they did the best they could with what we had! too cute!

Chad even showed off his skimboarding skills. There is nothing cuter than seeing your husband doing the same things that you used to sit and watch him do over 15 years ago!

We had a great time.....and asked ourselves about 100x "WHY DO WE NOT STILL LIVE IN SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!????????????"

Hope your weekend was great!

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Ashley said...

so glad you guys had fun!!!!