Sunday, September 19, 2010

Girl's Craft Night

I am a HUGE fan of Sandra Lee, and she always has crafts in the back of her magazines with crafts to do for "Girl's Craft Night". I LOVED the idea, and so a group of my friends and I made it happen!!!!!!

Last night a group of 5 of us got together and made some SUPER cute shirts, drank wine, ate, and just had a really great time! (My hubby is FIRED from taking pics......i didn't get ANY pics of all of us looking at the camera!)

Kacey worked soooo hard cutting out fabric, and kept telling me she was "making a dress". I just sort of said, "oh, how great" and continued on making my shirts.

Ashley made this tank! LOVE IT! I am going back to the store today to buy more shirts to make!

I made this shirt for my mom.....and an all white one for myself. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

How cute are these shirts?! Ashley and Marissa made these for their little girls....LOVE THEM! I am making Kacey's Halloween shirt tonight!

I woke up this morning to Kacey showing me the dress she really DID make last night!!!!!!!! I was in shock! (promise, didn't drink THAT much wine last night....I really had NO IDEA she had made this)

She also made this hair piece!!!!!!!! I am in LOVE and IN SHOCK that she did this....ALL BY HERSELF!

Check out the side where she tied the dress together with strips of fabric she cut out! I think I have a little clothes designer on my hands!

And a New Dress ALWAYS requires a Performance!
Kacey is BEYOND proud of herself.......and I am too!
Girl's craft night was A TOTAL success, and we are already planning the next one!
Grab a group of girls.....and plan your own!


mommyholly said...

Sounds like you girls had SO MUCH FUN!!! I adore this idea- I have to make some tshirts like that, I just love them! And Kacey's outfit is soooo cute- she is going to be on Project Runway before you know it hehe!!
xoxox Holly

Ashley said...

it was a blast!!!