Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween Party Ideas

It is no secret that I have a serious LOVE for Halloween!

I am not into watching scary movies, I don't like blood, I can't stand to be scared......BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

I love dressing up, I love all of the fun you can have with your kids, I love all of the candy, I love getting out and walking around the neighborhood, I love the excitement in kids eyes as they show off their outfits.....I love how much fun it is!!!!

When I was in 3rd grade we had just moved into a new house and started at a new school. My parents had a HUGE Halloween party for my sister and I and all of our new buddies! They worked SOO hard making our unfinished basement into a haunted house, planning a scavenger hunt, planning games, and I have always wanted to do something like that with my kids!!! It was probably one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE childhood memories....and probably the reason my sister and I are obsessed with Halloween to this day!

This year Collin has decided he wants to have a Halloween Birthday party.....AND I COULDN'T BE MORE THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have already started planning/shopping for some goodies!

My friend has her own cupcake business with the most AMAZING cupcakes I have ever tasted! I am planning on buying some yummy treats from her for the adults at the party....but I am going to make some cupcakes for the kids and LOVE this Halloween Party set that I got from her etsy shop at Paradise Cupcakes. TOO CUTE!!!!! I have these liners in several colors already and they are amazing! I never realized that you could actually buy liners that were grease proof and kept their color so well! I am a changed baker now! :)

Collin wants his party to be "less scary and more spooky", so this kit was PERFECT! I love how it is very much a Halloween set, but NOT scary! Check them out at Paper Glitter!

I also ran into Michaels today and fell IN LOVE with these glitter pumpkins! They aren't something Collin would have picked for his party......but I love them!

Is it too soon to decorate the house for Halloween?! This is all getting me way too excited!!!!



Lolo said...

Love those glitter punkins!! Fall is one of my favorite decorating seasons too. The warm colors just make your home so inviting, huh? Have fun planning his Bday party - I am sure it will be amazing and memorable :D

Kristin said...

I WANT those glitter pumpkins. So cute!