Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Love White fabric!!!!

I absolutely love white fabric!!!!!

I love to wear white shirts and dresses!!!

I love to have all white sheets on EVERY bed in my house (although my son picked out navy blue.....no problem!)

I love white curtains!

I love white shutters or blinds!

I OF COURSE Love white pillow cases!!!! :)

and my new love is White slip covered couches!

I have ALWAYS wanted white couches in my home, but thought it was NOT going to happen with 2 kids and 2 dogs!

I now have a VERY different view!

After having a white couch in our living room for almost a month now, I have realized a few things.......

1-My dogs secretly climb up on the couch when I am not in the room!

2-My kids love to push themselves back on the couch WITH their shoes!


Our couch in our living room is a dark green microfiber...........and after knowing these things.......I realize that it must be dirty and we just can't see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I am looking for a white slipcovered sectional!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

THIS Rachel Ashwell sectional is my DREAM couch!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the size, the rounded edge......EVERYTHING!
I better start working on Santa now.........I may need the whole year to convince him!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My vacuum doesn't suck!!!!!

Our Vacuum doesn't suck!!!!!!!!!!! (ha...that makes me laugh!)

With 2 dogs.....2 kids........and construction on the house across the street that somehow makes loads of dust in my home daily............AND OUR VACUUM IS BROKEN! (might possibly have something to do with the sock that I sucked up this weekend.....but let's not discuss that!)

I CAN'T STAND to see a mess on the tile floor.....so I brought in our wet/dry vacuum from the garage and went to town!

This is seriously the BEST tile vacuum I have EVER used!!!!! It scared the heck out of my kids and dogs with the loud noise....but it sucked up every single dust or fur ball on the floor!!!!!

I may just decide to continue to use this baby!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eye Candy

I have been SUPER busy this past week with a sick little one, dealing with a dog that has just discovered DIGGING in my backyard (GRRRR!), my husband's 30th birthday, AND DESIGNING NEW GOODIES FOR MY ETSY SHOP!!!

So here is some eye candy until I am able to post my new pillow cases!!!!
I LOVE this chair! It doesn't look like I could wash it, so it will remain in my dreams.....but I love it! And ESP the burlap ottoman!
I think I could MAYBE tackle this project myself! I do have an embroidery machine, and just might give this one a try!
I think it would look AMAZING at a wedding though!
That slipcover is EXACTLY what I would have if I had an entire wing of my home that was for GIRLS ONLY! I am sure that my husband wouldn't go along with the ruffles on it! He is a GREAT sport with all the white in our home.....so I wouldn't even begin to ask for a ruffle couch! BUT I LOVE IT!
This picture makes me wish summer was here!!!!

pictures all from country living

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Custom Closet

I have been IN NEED of some organization in my closet for years!!!!! We actually have had two estimates on getting the whole closet redone and custom shelves made.....SOOOO PRICEY!

It is still something that I want to do, but with so many other projects on my "wish list" I decided that my closet could wait.

I went to Ikea this past weekend and purchased the Billy Bookcase! LOVE IT!!!!!
It has adjustable shelves so I could place them where I wanted, and I am going to go back and buy a few more shelves to add for extra shoe storage! For under $100 (with coat hangers and bookshelf) I have made my very own custom closet!!!!!

We saved $1055 by purchasing this bookcase and a whole closet full of new hangers! Feels SOOOO great!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Dance

This weekend I purchased the Couch that I have been WANTING sooooo badly!

I also purchased the newest Shabby Chic Interiors book........and LOVE IT!

I honestly spent a good chunk of yesterday evening laying on my NEW couch and reading every single detail of this book! I love it and I feel so refreshed and ready to get working on SOOO many projects!!!!

First Off.....I want to find circle pillow inserts so that I can make/sell round pillow cases in my etsy shop!!!!! (would just make them myself, but the thought of having to find boxes to mail that many pillow cases for orders and wholesale orders just makes me a bit stressed)

This picture ALONE made me see the EXACT feel of the bedroom I want to have! (only I painted my walls that blue color already so I will prob go with diff headboard)
I NEED to get that darn headboard started!!!!!

Farm Table....got it! Just need to repaint the legs from red to white.....and find smaller chairs that actually fit under the table. LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that while I LOVE this bathroom.............the amount of work that it would take to actually HAVE this bathroom would stress me out soooo much that I would need a much bigger tub with jets to recover from all that work.
So I will just sit and look at it in my new book for now!

This faucet is SOOO cute! But what I like most is the tile back spash! I wanted subway tiles......but now I think I would like to go for these! They just look so clean....and they make me smile! (yes, it just takes a random tile to make me smile sometimes)

I hope you all had such a GREAT weekend!!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The day has FINALLY arrived!

Today is the day that I am going to bring this baby home!!!!!!!!!!!
We had actually been saving for a custom closet in our master bedroom closet (which is TOTALLY needed), but have kind of convinced ourselves to wait it out a bit.
Those darn closets are SOOOO expensive, and I was kind of feeling bad that there were soooo many things we wanted to do in our actual living space that it felt funny to spend over $1k on a closet!!!!!
So I "convinced" my hubby that we should get this couch......as well as a billy bookcase from Ikea to store all of my shoes and purses (because they have taken over the entire closet at this point) and then wait until we feel better about spending that much money on our closet that nobody will see.
So today is a happy day in my world!!!!!!!!!!!! pictures to come!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Searching Craigslist

I have always enjoyed checking out Craigslist. I search it every couple of days but have never found a piece that I am in LOVE with. Well, I have, but once I get the nerve up to call them.....it is usually sold.

I have always searched ..."furniture" and then the key words... "antique" and "vintage".

I found a few great pieces that way....but NOTHING compared to all of the AMAZING pieces that everyone else seems to find!

Last night I hit the MOTHER LOAD and had to share!!!!!

Try searching, "furniture" and then "french"!!!!!!

I am now in love with Tampa again, and all of the great pieces that it has to offer. :)

This dresser is cute! I was actually thinking about putting it in our living room and mounting our tv on the wall over it. (loads of storage for the ever-growing dvd collection of Disney movies)

This bed is BEAUTIFUL!

This piece is listed at a store, and is selling for $216!!!!!!! Solid wood, and I lOVE it! I am trying to decide if I have the "guts" to put such a large bold piece in my dining room! It might give me the push that I need to paint our red Farm table!

Love that mirror!

Cute bed!!!!! I wish Kacey's room was big enough to have this, although I am not ready for her to have such a fancy "big girl" room!

This chair stated, " FRENCH ARM CHAIR WALDORF ASTORIA CASH OR TRADE FOR CIGARS - $40" It looks kind of rough in some places, but it holds a spot in my heart! Anyone know how on earth I could recover/redo this piece?! I would love to give it a shot!

I wouldn't even change this one!!!!

This would be a serious job to paint white, but still beautiful!

love this piece!!!!!!!!!!

Now go search your craigslist and share what you find!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Old Soul...New Heart

I love to buy fancy clothing, amazing shoes, and jewelry.......but rarely have anywhere to go to wear them.
The ONLY reason I wish I worked outside of my home is because I want to dress up from time to time! (Okay, I also miss lunch breaks, and having adults around, and running errands during my lunch break kidless)

I want so badly to be able to dress nice daily, even if it is just to go to the grocery store with my kids! BUT I can't figure out how to do it! I go to the gym 4 days during the week......and usually just stop off at the store on my way home.

The afternoons (after naps) are generally spent chasing the kids on their bikes, playing at the playground, making dinner, or running around the yard chasing the kids and dogs. None of these things should be done in my best shoes!!!!!

BUT I do try my best to dress up on the weekends! (or at least wear nice shoes!)

AND I always try to dress up for holidays............I even wore my NEW knee high black boots to our New Years Eve marshmallow roasting at a friend's house JUST because I didn't want to miss dressing up!

I have NO idea what I am going to plan for my hubbies 30th birthday later this month....but I do plan on buying one of these new accessories!!!!!!!

check them out!!!!!!!
Love the layers of gold! and the peacock blue just makes me happy!



There is a new man in my life!

There is a new love of my life.....and his name is Tossimo! I am assuming he is a man because I still have to clean it up after each use, but I love him just the same!

If you are a Starbucks junkie......I think this purchase should be in your future! I bought the vanilla syrup, mocha powder, carmel sauce, whip cream all from Starbucks....and feel kind of special making my own amazing coffee, espresso, or lattes every morning.

Now I just need to make a chalk board that changes daily to the "bartista's fave drink".

They have them at Bed Bath and Beyond........and you can thank me later for encouraging you to go buy one!!!!!