Monday, March 12, 2012

Feels Like Spring

I love this time of year!!!!! The trees and grass are green again, the plants are blooming and we can finally return to the beach! My family LOVES the beach and will hopefully be able to move a little closer at some point in our lives. (we currently live about 45 min from the beach)

This weekend we packed up and headed to the beach to visit with family and friends! The water was FREEZING (for us Florida people) but we totally enjoyed every min of it!

Collin is such a worker bee. He didn't build a castle or anything...he just wanted to dig and then fill the hole back up. ha! (might have something to do with watching Chad and I plant trees for hours the day before)

Kacey could spend hours walking up and down the beach with me and finding the perfect shell! She seriously washes them....and saves them to put on the top of her plants. So sweet....and a great idea!

A view that I could never get sick of!

SOOOO exciting! My parents got an RV!!!!! They are totally excited, and so are we! Collin hasn't stopped talking all about it, and we are planning our first weekend "glamping" trip with them! Some seriously great memories will be made in this RV....and I can't wait to get started making them!

I have had this hanging plant for a little over a year and I LOVED it! I am not in love with it anymore because these birds have seriously taken over it! There has been a nest with an angry bird in it constantly! I can not water it without being I just sit and watch this beautiful plant slowly die. So Sad!

Collin made this bird in school last week and I am sooo impressed with his artistic side! This is the kind of bird I prefer....not the kind that makes his home in my hanging plants!

Hope you have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

mourning doves bring peaceful blessings. you are so blessed to have them nesting near. i love to hear their calls, especially on a foggy, misty morning when they echo about. love that photo.