Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For The Birds

We recently came home from vacation and found a bird's nest on our back porch!

I wanted to move it away before she laid her eggs, but they kids were VERY excited about it so we decided to observe it!

As of now there are 3 little eggs in there! The mama bird stands guard for the most part, but the nest is located right by our sliding glass door, so she quickly flies off to the edge of the fence whenever we go out or let the dog out!

I am a bit nervous about what she will do once the eggs hatch! But for now, we are enjoying it!

On our list of things to do this summer, the kids decided that they wanted to paint bird houses for the new birds. Doubt they will ever get used, but they sure did turn out cute and they had fun painting them!

It was SOOO hot outside while they painted!!!!

With all of the excitement, I also am adding back some bird cases to My Shop


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cheryl said...

so sweet! those bird houses look fabulous1!!