Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My next home

I am NOT done decorating ANY room in my home.

I DO know what I want to do...I just need to actually DO it!

But after staying indoors for a week without the energy to get off the couch from "the worst flu ever!", I have looked at every decorating magazine that I own about 3 times each!

It has made me realize that I REALLY wish that I had a built in bench like this.

I even wished that we had one like this when I was a kid! I always thought it would be so fun to have the option of eating breakfast while laying down! (fully aware how crazy this sounds!)

Maybe in our next home we will have this space!


1 comment:

Rebecca said...

That is SUCH a pretty room and I love the idea of a built in bench!!! It especially looks great with the wainscotting! Hmmmm I wonder if this wouldn't be too hard to build yourself? I was just staring at this picture thinking "hey I could do this" LOL!! I also love how the trim/bench/wainscotting are cream and the walls are white!!