Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Sale!!!!

I have a love/dislike relationship with Jcrew! I either LOVE everything in there.....or I walk out feeling depressed that nothing looked right!

Well, recently I have been in LOVE!

I do believe they have the SOFTEST cotton t-shirts and the best chino shorts!

Their summer sale is ON! (an extra 30% off Summer styles...code is at

These items have made their way into my shopping cart!!!! (probably just depressed that I have had the flu for almost a week and have been stuck in the house....on the couch....watching kids movies)
LOVE THIS! Fully aware that I wear ENTIRELY too much white, but I just love it!
This shirt is great! Silk, Summery, and ruffles.....sounds perfect to me!
I have these shorts in about every color they come in!


mommyholly said...

I ADORE that white top!!! I wear way too much white as well, but I think it is also the perfect color to wear in summer!!! :) Happy shopping, xoxox!

3 Including Me... said...

I am the same way.. either i love everything.. or they lose me in a season! Love all their stuff.. its airy and summer!

Sara said...

i saw that first tee in their catalog and fell in love with it, they showed it with a white cardy and black shorts. Fab-u-lous!!!

Ashley said...

I love those shorts in the second pic.. must have :)

Kiki said...

Hi there, just found your blog!! Love it.. and I'm youre newest follower...

PS. i have been hunting those shorts down in white and black - I actually googled white shorts, thats how desperate I was...but thanks for the find...