Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Dream House

I always rip out pages that I LOVE in every design magazine, book, or catalog! There are sooo many styles and items that I truly love, but that don't really reflect what I want in my home! This has confused me for a while now.......but I think I might FINALLY have gotten a collection of pictures that I can FEEL having in my home!

I am on track, I just think that these pictures will help me put some finishing touches on the work that we have already started! (this will make my husband VERY happy!)

I love the feel of this room! Not too WHITE that it is scary to come and sit in (for guests....I am aware of how easy it is to bleach white slipcovers...but I think it scares others). The green curtains are a shade or two bright for what I am looking for, and I actually want them more of a blue, but this picture gives me the FEEL that I have been going for!

This kitchen is just dreamy! I LOVE the counters!!!!!!! We purchased a new home with wood cabinets, and I want SO BADLY to paint them white! And now that I look at this picture, remove my granite counters and go with these EXACT ones as well (oh, and put up shelves instead of so many cabinets)!!!!

This is what I am going for with our guest bedroom/Sa-Sea Boutique office! I just love how fresh and crisp it feels! I think that it is a great place for our guests to spend their time while visiting.

I have a farm table for our dining room! We eat basically every meal at it, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I am about to paint the legs white (they are currently red) and have already painted all of the chairs. This picture just looks so crisp....without looking like I would be nervous to let the kids eat at it!

I have been searching for ideas for our bedroom and I couldn't commit to any of them! This picture is JUST how I want our room! Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I am hoping to start our fabric headboard sometime within the next few weeks!

I LOVE this bathroom! Those tiles in the shower and on the floors are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I would definitely wake up early to get ready each morning in this bathroom....and would take my time! I went out of my comfort zone and painted our master bathroom a chocolate brown a few years ago. I like the color, like how it looks with our white frames, BUT it just isn't me! At all!
I have had a vision of what I wanted for years....................it just took a little time for me to really settle into my vision.


Thompson Tales said...

I love all of those pictures, if only I had a ton of money!!! Oh, and yes, I have seen that picture before with the upside down seahorse and YES it bugs me!!!! I do like all of the colors in the rooms.

Amy said...

Love love all the pics! Can you share where the bedroom pic came from? I am in love with that bedding and want to attempt to track it down!

Anonymous said...

I believe the seahorse fabric has alternating seahorses that are facing up and down. You can barely tell that the one to the side of it is facing upward. But they should have turned it for the photo so it didn't appear that way! I love the pictures you pull, they always inspire me.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 seahorses on the pillow. The one on the left side (barely visible) is right side up.

mommyholly said...

I ADORE these photos!!! So fresh and bright! :) That kitchen chandelier is to die for and I love all the green throughout all the photos... I didn't think I was much of a green person until I saw this haha!!
xoxox Holly

Lindsey Tollefson said...

Ha! That is the first thing I noticed about that picture - the upside-down seahorse. Cute room, though. I love your ideas.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I love these rooms! They are so fresh looking!